Why a program just for legal professionals?

I have spent the last ten years, researching and studying - trying to understand why lawyers, in particular, have such a difficult time getting sober when, as a group, we are competent, intelligent, reflective, and understand moral judgments. While many professional and non-professional populations have difficulty in achieving sustained recovery from addiction and co-occurring disorders, legal professionals seem to have a unique difficulty responding to treatment. Despite being highly competent in most areas of life, legal professionals, once caught in the grip of addiction and alcoholism, lose our ability to make sound judgments, lose our moral compass, and allow pride, anger, greed, gluttony, lust, envy, and sloth to rule our lives. The reason for this is that we suffer from a disease of the brain that immobilizes our higher thinking and allows the reptilian or “shark” part of our brain to dominate. At Sea Of Solutions, we have created a treatment protocol that combines neuroscience, evidence-based treatment with physical and spiritual activities that allow us to re-ignite ourselves – our minds, our bodies, and our souls/spirit. Thank you for your interest.
Stephen Timmer, JD, CAS, NCIP

The SOS Program

• On the Gulf of Mexico at Treasure Island, Florida (Tampa Bay).
• Clients reside in luxury waterfront condominiums.
• Treatment Program specifically customized for legal professionals – lawyers, judges, law students and paralegals.
• Laptops and cell phones are permitted.
• A minimum of four (4) weekly 1:1 sessions.
• Three (3) Weekly Private personal fitness sessions.
• Program duration from 4 to 12-16 weeks.
• Most Insurance accepted.

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The Program Features

  • •  Initial Assessment & Evaluation.
  • •  Understanding the underlying problems and causes.
  • •  Evidenced-based and creative, alternative solutions.
  • •  Luxury sober living.
  • •  Unique client benefits.
  • •  Adventure sport & activities.
  • •  Alternative therapies.
  • •  Special GBLT program available.
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Why Sea of Solutions?

At Sea Of Solutions, you will discover all the good things buried deep within you through 1) intensive 1:1 counseling and group therapy daily, 2) you will participate in adventure sports/activities and three (3) sessions per week with your personal trainer to help you heal physically, and 3) you will spend time discovering your true self, your greatest talents, and your life purpose. You will likely find that you have never been more alive than the time you spend with us. This is a journey not everyone wishes to make – conquer addictions, discover one’s true self, and commence on a path of happiness, wholeness and true abundance. They can stay home, but for those who chose health and happiness, this is the place where their spirit will once again come alive.

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